PureCSS with SASS

February 20, 2015 - #sass #purecss

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For this site I wanted a very lightweight boilerplate with some nice features. I found PureCSS to give me exactly what I wanted without the bloat. All of PureCSS’s modules are only 4.4kb when it’s minified and gzipped. The only thing it was missing was support for the SASS preprocessor, so I fixed that and put it on GitHub for anyone to use.

You only need a ruby environment setup and the compass and sass gems installed to get started. See my previous post on setting it up. http://eric-price.net/blog/jekyll-osx/

Grab the project

git clone https://github.com/eric2025/PureCSS-SASS.git

Any custom CSS should go in the custom SCSS file in the scss folder and compiled.

Compile stylesheet

compass watch