HTTParty is a very cool ruby gem that uses the normal HTTP request methods and automatically parses the returned object, whether that is JSON or XML. I’m going to show how you can use HTTParty to create an API wrapper for use in your Ruby on Rails project. I’ll be using the Wunderground weather API. Setup Add these two gems to your Gemfile and run... [Read More]

This is going to assume you already have Paperclip setup for local storage in your rails app. If not, Thoughtbot’s quickstart guide on their github page will get you going very easily. There are plenty of reasons for using cloud storage service like S3 for your rails app; performance being a big one. The main reason I use it, is it still allows me to... [Read More]

Search Form in Rails

I’m going to go through the steps to setup a simple search form in Rails 4 that uses rails built-in fuctionality. This search function will search across models and will work in two ways: go to the exact item page if the search matches or list the results if it finds more than one result. I like to seperate the search function by creating its... [Read More]